Sunday, September 25, 2011


NEW phone calls for a colorful phone case.  It was time to update our cell plan which is always a great thing for my hubby. He likes all that new tech out there (small , thin, internet).  I am happy and content with the phone that I have right now.  I don't need all that fancy technology on my phone. Well,  I know that if I have it, I will use it.  But at the moment I was a  happy little camper with my tough, scratched, beat up cell.   The new phones are thin, paper thin! I needed something to keep this baby from getting all banged up. I  also needed to be able to find it in my purse.  I believe I have accomplished what I needed.  It will not get lost in my purse because it is so cute and colorful and I will be able to find it in no time ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011



I know I am a COPYCAT!  who cares, when there are so many wonderful ideas that can be borrowed.  I feel that as long as I give credit to the people/bloggers that have inspired me, it's ok ;)  Remeber when Jenny posted this.   Secretely, I so wanted to make something Bristish for the longest time.  I just didn't know what I wanted to make.  The opportunity came up when I found this little stool and it became my treasure.  Hubby was with me when I found it and quoting him "why do you want that trash" I answered him because I want to make something fabulous.  Not quite like that but in my mind I already knew what I wanted to do with it.  If I would have explained it to him, he just wouldn't have understood.   well here it is!  I am LOVING it.... Oh, I didn't know that the red stripes in the corner of the Union Jack Flag had to be drawn a certain way.  I learn something knew every day...

POTTERY BARN inspired pillow


My imitation to the PB pillows.  Yes, I adore that store and everything in it.  I have been eyeing these pillows for quite sometime and unfortunately I just can't see myself paying $29.00 for a pillow case (shoes Ok, pillow, nah so ok).   This all started as a table runner but it was kind of wonky (not straight) when I laid it on the table.  I put it aside cause I didn't want to deal with it.  So today I was flipping through the PB catalogue and the lovely pillows popped up. I realized that I could use my table runner to tackle this project.  They are not as snug as the PB and the buttons are not measured properly I just eyed them.  I am still thrill with the results.  I will make a few more, it kind of adds some character to the room.  I also made one with pipping and the other one in the back with a flange.  Please ignore the big kiddy frame behind the couches!  This is my husbands play(game) room and he just can't seem to part with this frame.  We've had it for 22 yrs.  You would think he would let go ;)

Friday, September 16, 2011

HEART garland

When I saw this cute heart Garland at Insanely Crafty I fell in love with it.  I knew eventually I would have to make one.  Jess made hers out of felt in beautiful reds, pinks and browns and her decorations were done with embroidery (check out her tutorials she is amazingly talented).  The photo she took to display her garland it was just  lovely.  I created mines out of card stock.  It was definitely not as cute but I needed it NOW because I wanted/needed to use it in a photo. I didn't have the time or the patience to make it.  It's alot shorter and not as cute, but I really love the way this picture came out. I took this garland all the way from Germany to Gainesville because I wanted/needed to take this picture.  You know who and Gio thought I was CRAZY!!!! but it was Mother's day so they went along with my insanity, lol...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

some THINGS I'm enjoying today

BaSkEt LiNeR

I love baskets and I adore the way they look lined.  So I decided to try to make my own for this cute little basket I purchased the other day.  It is far from perfect but I am liking the way it came out.  Doesn't is look purrrrrty with my nectarines inside ;)   


My dining room chairs  have been needing a make over for quite some time now but I just didn't have the courage to do it.  I didn't want to juts upholster the entire chair.
I was looking  to make cute skirts for them but didn't really know how to start.  So I decided to try making one for a toddler chair before I would tackle the real thing.  I used some muslin and added piping and finished it with ribbon to tie bows.  It's not perfect and it's my first time using piping but I definitely love the way it looks.  It also gave me the courage I needed to try it on my dining room chairs.


Can you believe I bought this large bucket of buttons for 2,00euros!!!  I was so excited when she told me the price that I didn't even bargain (which is a very rare thing for me).   I just need to find a fabulous glass jar to display them.  I love looking at them ;)