Sunday, July 25, 2010

Claire Cami Dress

Love this pattern!  Very simple to follow and easy to make. I made it a bit short so I had to add the white hem.  I think I like it more than without it.  I also tapered the sides a little bit because it was to wide on the sides for me but other than that I love this dress.   I might just have to make me another one.

PATTERN:  Claire Cami Dress
Fabric:  Heather Bailey ( Nicey Jane - Lindy Leaf)

Monday, July 19, 2010


This weekend was my honey's Birthday, he turned 40ish!!!  To celebrate it, we went to Eagles Nest.  The
weather was cold and gloomy.  Too cloudy to see anything.  When the weather is sunny they say you can see as far as 125 mile radius.  We were a little disappointed but we still had an amazing time.  We always find a way to make it fun.  Of course what is fun for me might not be exactly the same for Ivan.  He still humors me and goes with the flow of my craziness (creative side).  I love this guy ;-) 

 The beauty of photoshop you don't have to have an ugly photo any more,  I'll show the before and after later.