COURTNEY & ROBERT (Maternity shoot)



Tiffany & Carlos

Josanna & Patrick
These two are so darn cute together.  I asked Josanna if she would let me take a few photos of Patrick and her before they left on their new journey back home and she did not hesitate for a minute.  The camera love these two!!! I took tons of photos and they came out amazing in all of them.  Thank you for taking the time to let me practice with you guys.  I had a great time :) 

Gio's graduation photo shoot

Gio & Mikaela

Gio and Mikaela, These two are my inspiration to photography.  They humor me and let me take all kinds of crazy picture so that I can practice. Thank you guys, ILY :)

Courtney & Robert

I had the pleasure of taking the photos of these two and I had a blast!!! They are such an adorable and fun couple to be around. Their love, laughter and playfullness with one another is contagious. Thank you, Courtney and Robert for being so nice to me and going along with all my craziness. ;)

This little cutie was all smile while I snapped a few photos of her.  Mom came prepared with all kinds of cute outfits and bows for the occasion but she would not give me enough time to snap a picture with a bow on.  She was wayyyy to fast for me pulling them right out of her hair. Oh well, I was still able to get a few adorable photos out of her. l Brandi, thank you for letting me practice on your little princess. I had a ball ;) 


She is growing soooo fast and getting cuter by the day.  Such a good little model. She was very patient with me, no fussing from this little angel! 

My Niece & Nephew
These two were so nice to me and had me cracking up the entire time I was taking their photo.  They were hilarious and couldn't believe that I was trying this photography thing out. Very patient also since I have no idea what I am doing.   I kept on looking at my pictures over and over again to make sure they were coming out ok. Thanks guys Ily and thank you for humoring you tia ;)