Monday, August 2, 2010

Niece's Prego Pic

Our niece had her Baby Shower last weekend.  Her mother had taken some pictures of her so that they can be placed on the tables. She emailed the photos to us to see them since we weren't going to be there. I thought I play a little with them in photoshop.  They were happy with the results and so was I. This girl is 7 months pregnant and she look fantastic!  She's gained 7 lbs so far (can you believe that)! She is a health freak, so I guess that pays off.

She has asked me to make her a scrapbook of her pregnancy and her baby shower.  This is one of the LO. 


KD Designs said...

The pictures look great and I love the page!

corinnea said...

Your "playing" with them paid off. Very pretty. I am sure she'll treasure them.

Adrienne said...

What a beautiful girl! The photos are lovely. :)