Monday, April 19, 2010


I saw this cute button bracelet on flikr the other day that I really liked. So I thought I make me one. I wore it yesterday evening to watch tv (Ivan thought I was crazy), maybe he is right(?). Call me crazy if you want, who cares :) Any ways, every time I move my hand it makes this little jingle sound that makes me smile. I covered the buttons with the American Jane, Recess fabric and love looking at the fun bright colors. I might make some to sell at the shop I might even make a necklace.


corinnea said...

Crazy would be ONLY wearing it to watch T.V.

Very cute!!!!

Katelyn R. said...

ccccuuuttteee!!! I love it!

KD Designs said...

That's cute Lizy!

Or crazy would be only wearing IT to watch tv. See, it's all in your perspective! :)

Norma's Nonsense said...

Lizy, I love the bracelet, what a clever idea.....and wear it whenever you want to!!! Thats just what I'm saying!!