Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I have been working on

I have been wanting to try this block for a while now. last night I could not sleep so around 10:30 I decided to try it. I followed this easy tutorial. If you noticed closely I messed up
when I cut the bottom of the heart so the placing is wrong. Oh well, it was late and was getting tired. Someday I think I will make a quilt :).PJ shorts for my hubby :-)
PJ shorts for Gio and his girl :-) I did a draw string for them but it was not in when I took this picture. Looks weird without it.


Adrienne said...

The PJ shorts turned out great! And I can't see anything wrong with your heart, it looks beautiful to me. Why don't you make a Valentine's Day wall hanging out of it? It would make a great Valentine's decoration. :)

Mary A. said...

Everything looks great. The heart looks so cute, I can't wait to see what you do with it.

corinnea said...

You've been working hard! Everything looks wonderful. Love your heart block!

jacquie said...

i have to giggle about this because i did the same thing (twice) when doing the tutorial for this...i love how yours came out. thanks so much for sending me the link and sharing it with me. i hope you'll add it to my flickr group.