Saturday, June 28, 2008


This was my son's first day at subway. He was really excited about the whole job thing, you know making money and being independent (ha,ha). Well that did not last long!!! As you can see from the pictures when he came back he was dead tired and a had an entire new perspective about work.... Poor thing they had him cleaning tables, sweeping/moping floors and his favorite (ha, ha) washing dishes. He came home dead!! He said he wanted to stay in college forever and that this work thing was not for him. My husband and I laughed and told him "WELCOME TO REALITY SUNSHINE".


corinnea said...

Reality bites sometimes!

Jenny P. said...

poor thing! WOrking that kind of job sucks and isn't very rewarding. It's good he's doing this though. Builds character:)

Kelly's Korner said...

We tried to harrass him the other day, but they must have had him slaving in the back. At least Subway is the best fast food restaraunt on Patch!